Feeler gauge

A feeler gauge is a precision measuring tool used to measure gap widths, distances, and diameters. It consists of a set of thin metal blades available in various thicknesses ranging from a few micrometers to several millimeters. The blades are typically made of steel or brass and have precise thickness and width. They are arranged in a holder that keeps the blades together and allows the user to easily remove and replace them.

To take a measurement with a feeler gauge, the blade that best fits into the gap or space is placed between the parts to be measured. The blades usually have an engraving or marking on them to indicate their thickness, and the measurement is read by pressing the marking against the part being measured.

A feeler gauge is a useful tool for precise measurements in a variety of applications, such as in the automotive industry, engine maintenance, metalworking, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and construction industry. It can also be used for general measuring tasks such as checking brake disc wear, adjusting valve clearance, or measuring gap sizes in furniture or doors.

Feeler gauges are typically very affordable and can be purchased in various sizes and measurement ranges. Some models also come with a holder or case to store the blades safely and in an organized manner.

Overall, a feeler gauge is a simple yet extremely useful tool that allows for quick and precise measurement of distances and diameters.

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