In-Line metrology

In-Line metrology refers to the use of measuring devices and instruments in production lines to perform measurements directly during the manufacturing process. The purpose is to ensure that the produced parts or components meet the required specifications and tolerances, thus ensuring the quality of the end products.

In-Line metrology can be used in a variety of manufacturing processes, including the production of automotive parts, aircraft components, electronic components, and medical devices. The process typically begins with setting up the measuring device in the production line, where it then automatically performs measurements to monitor the quality and accuracy of the produced parts.

Laser trackers are often part of In-Line metrology and are used to measure and monitor the position and geometry of workpieces, components, and assemblies in real-time. The laser beam is directed at the measurement object, and the retroreflector, which is attached to the measurement object, reflects the light back to the laser tracker, which then determines the position of the measurement object.

In-Line metrology offers numerous benefits, including the ability to perform measurements in real-time, improving the monitoring and control of manufacturing. It can also contribute to reducing scrap and rework, as measurements are immediately captured and immediate corrections can be made if necessary.

Additionally, In-Line metrology offers higher efficiency and cost savings, as measuring parts in real-time can help make the production process faster and more efficient, ultimately leading to increased productivity and reduced delays and downtime.

Overall, In-Line metrology provides a practical way to ensure that the produced parts and components meet the required specifications and tolerances, and enables manufacturers to improve the quality of their products and increase production efficiency.

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