A reflector in the field of laser tracking is an object used for positioning laser beams. The laser tracking system emits a laser beam and the reflector reflects the beam back to the system, allowing the position of the reflector to be determined.

Reflectors are commonly used in metrology in conjunction with laser trackers to perform highly precise 3D measurements. Laser trackers use the laser beam to determine the position and orientation of the reflector. Reflectors can come in various shapes and sizes, including spherical, cylindrical, and flat forms. Some reflectors are also equipped with special features that can increase measurement accuracy.

To perform an accurate measurement, the reflector must be attached to a fixed point or fixture to ensure that the reflector does not move during the measurement. The reflector is then aligned with the laser tracker to receive the laser beam.

One advantage of using reflectors in laser tracking is their high accuracy and repeatability. With a high-quality reflector and a precise laser tracker, measurements can be performed with an accuracy of up to a few micrometers.

Reflectors are used in various applications, including quality control, production monitoring, reverse engineering, and inspection of large components. They can also be used in robotics to track the positioning of robot arms.

Overall, reflectors are an important component of the laser tracking system and play a crucial role in performing precise and repeatable measurements in metrology.

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