In industrial computed tomography (CT), reconstruction refers to the process of creating a 3D image of an object from the X-ray data captured during a CT scan. This technology is often used in manufacturing and material testing to obtain a detailed picture of the internal structure and composition of an object.

During a CT scan, the object is positioned on a platform and exposed to X-rays. Detectors on the opposite side of the object capture the X-rays that pass through it and convert them into electronic signals. The captured signals are then converted into digital data, which is acquired during the scan in the form of slices.

The raw CT data obtained from the slices then needs to be mathematically reconstructed to create a 3D image of the object. The reconstruction process involves the use of algorithms that transform the raw data into an interpretable 3D image. The processing may vary depending on the type of object and desired resolution. Typically, a filtering process is applied to reduce noise and improve the quality of the resulting 3D image.

The resulting 3D images can be used to examine the interior of the object to detect defects, cracks, or other anomalies. Industrial CT technology is used in many industries, such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and material testing.

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