Volume Graphics

Volume Graphics is a company specializing in the development of software for image processing in industrial computed tomography (CT). The software enables 3D visualization of CT data, analysis of materials, and inspection of components.

The Volume Graphics software is used in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and electronics. The software allows for the conversion of CT data into a 3D representation, making it possible to analyze and inspect complex internal structures of components.

The Volume Graphics software offers a wide range of functions, ranging from simple data evaluation to comprehensive inspection of components. Some of the functions include automatic segmentation of components, analysis of materials, calculation of fiber orientations, and simulation of manufacturing processes.

Another advantage of the Volume Graphics software is its close integration with common CT systems and devices. This allows users to seamlessly import, process, and analyze CT data.

Overall, Volume Graphics offers a powerful and comprehensive software solution for industrial computed tomography, allowing users to improve component quality and increase productivity.

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