Tool measurement

Tool measurement is an important step in the manufacturing process control, where measurements are taken on tools to ensure that they meet requirements and operate correctly. Tool measurement is often performed in the automotive and aerospace industries, as these industries have high demands for the accuracy and reliability of tools.

Tool measurement involves measuring tools used in manufacturing, such as cutting tools, turning tools, drills, milling cutters, or punches. The measurement is carried out to ensure that the tools operate accurately and remain within tolerances. Tool measurement can be performed at various points in the manufacturing process, such as after the manufacture of a new tool, after its commissioning, or regularly during operation.

Tool measurement can be performed in various ways, such as through 3D coordinate measurement, profile projection, or roughness measurement. Depending on the type of tool and application, various measuring methods and devices can be used. The results of the measurement are usually documented in a measurement protocol that contains information about the deviations of the tool from the nominal geometry.

Tool measurement has various advantages, such as improving product quality by reducing waste and rework, increasing process reliability by avoiding tool failure, and optimizing tool life through more precise tool adjustment. Therefore, tool measurement is an important part of manufacturing control and helps to improve product quality and reliability.

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