Initial sample inspection report

An initial sample inspection report is used to document the inspection of a series product manufactured under realistic production conditions for compliance with its specified quality requirements. Before series products go into serial production after their development and simulation, a limited number of initial samples are usually manufactured under real conditions and subsequently checked. The initial samples and the EMPB must originate from a representative production run, i.e. they must be manufactured at the final production location under exactly the same conditions under which serial production will ultimately take place. This is followed by the initial sample inspection, the results of which are then recorded in the initial sample inspection report and subsequently evaluated. In this way, before the start of serial production, unexpected properties of the final product can be identified and corrected, if necessary, by adjusting the production conditions. In this case, an initial sample test report should then be prepared again on the basis of a further test, taking the new parameters into account. An EMPB is also useful in the case of a new design or redesign. The creation of initial sample inspection reports is therefore an important part of quality control and product development and essential for cost-saving series production. Only if the planned and the real manufacturing process correspond, a constant quality in the continuous series production can be achieved.

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