Production drawing

A production drawing is a drawing of a component in a standardized scale prepared in accordance with the valid rules for technical drawing. It is a design drawing that must contain all the information required for manufacturing and quality control. Standardization in the preparation of technical drawings is, with exchange construction, the basis of modern large-scale and mass production, and it also simplifies communication about products on their way through planning and production. A functional production drawing contains not only a true-to-scale drawing of the component with all details, but also complete dimensions, information on surface quality and, if necessary, shape and position tolerances. If possible, components should be shown on a scale of 1:1, so that the dimensional accuracy of smaller products in particular can be checked quickly and visually. A standard sheet with title block and margin is also part of a proper production drawing. It contains information on the preparation and scale of the drawing, the name and material of the component, and the name of the person responsible for preparing the drawing or for any queries. Whereas until 30 years ago most drawings were made by hand, today this is usually only done for archiving purposes, and modern CAD programs are the standard for manufacturing as well as other technical drawings.

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