Industrial computed tomography

The mode of operation of a computer tomograph (CT) is based on conventional

X-ray technology. The radiation generated by an X-ray tube penetrates the component to be component to be inspected and is then measured by a detector, attenuated to varying degrees depending on the material and structure.

measured by a detector, depending on the material and structure. Even geometries and structures inside the geometries and structures inside the component that are inaccessible to other measurement methods. A three-dimensional image requires several X-ray images of the same object taken from different different directions. In contrast to medical imaging, an industrial industrial CT, the object to be examined is usually moved. On a turntable between the X-ray tube and the detector, it rotates around its own axis,

while several images are taken. This is used to calculate a high-resolution 3D model which shows not only the outer geometries, but also the inner structures. structures. The areas of application are manifold. For example, a CT is a very useful tool in the process of reverse engineering as well as in the creation of initial sample inspection reports according to drawing specifications. Industrial computed tomography is also ideally suited for non-destructive material testing or for measuring sensitive, soft or transparent materials.

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