Engineering surveying

Engineering surveying refers to surveying work for which the geodetic surveyor undertakes the technical planning of the survey concept on a large scale and closely coordinates the survey with engineers and technicians from other disciplines.

The surveyor's scope of work extends to involvement in all industries as well as infrastructure projects. Such as erecting and setting up machinery and equipment, inspecting large prefabricated components, and inspecting their assembly.

This work requires mastery of basic physical principles and demands not only sound knowledge and experience in all branches of practical and theoretical geodesy, but also sufficient insight into construction and mechanical engineering procedures.


Surveyors are persons who have successfully completed the course of study "Surveying" at a technical college or university. A large number of surveyors work in cadastral or surveying offices. In industry, in the field of quality assurance, surveyors also play an important role. Here, they check the dimensional accuracy of components using precise measuring systems such as laser trackers or multi-joint arms.

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