In mathematics, the term curvature describes the local deviation of a curve from a straight line. The term also stands for the curvature measure, which quantitatively indicates for individual points on a curve how strong this local deviation from a straight line is. In three-dimensional space, the curvature of a surface can also be described based on this curvature concept for curves by examining individual curves in this surface with respect to their curvature. In metrology, the measurement and investigation of curvature plays a major role. When loaded, or when installed over a certain distance, objects can exhibit deflection. It is worthwhile to determine this more precisely in order to ensure the functionality of components. Curvatures can also play a major role in tolerancing the surface condition of the smallest objects, such as optical lenses. Here, measuring devices and sensors with a high tilt angle can be very useful, since they are optimized for scanning curved surfaces.

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