Laser scanning

In laser scanning, surfaces or bodies are scanned with a laser beam in the form of a grid or lines in order to measure, process or generate images of them. The devices or their sensors are called laser scanners. This consists of a scan head, which deflects the laser beam, and driver and control electronics. If a laser scanner can also record the intensity of the reflected signal in addition to the object geometry of the recorded area, it is referred to as an imaging laser scanner. The recordings are made in grayscale and are accordingly reproduced in the same way in the result, similar to a black-and-white photograph. There are different types of laser scanners that are used in different areas. Many devices are mirror or prism scanners, but deflectors can also be used in laser scanners. Technologies for controlled deflection of laser beams are constantly evolving. Flash LiDAR systems represent an extension to sequential scanning. Laser scanning is used in the form of airborne laser scanning, terrestrial laser scanning, confocal laser scanning, handheld 3D laser scanners; in material processing and manufacturing, but also in barcode readers.

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