Metrology laboratory

A measurement laboratory serves as a place for measurements and tests of various kinds. Several specialists from different fields often work at these locations, using their knowledge and experience to analyze measurement tasks intersectionally and develop innovative approaches to solutions. In the measurement laboratory, measuring instruments can be installed under optimal conditions and correspondingly accurate measurements can be made with them. Also, several independent systems are usually available for measurements, so that highly reliable measurement results and test data can be documented through diverse data sets. While mobile measuring devices offer many advantages in terms of their fast and location-flexible use, many sensitive measuring devices are not easy or quick to install. In a measurement laboratory, even such measuring instruments can be set up and fine-tuned in their own rooms under optimal conditions, so that better measurement results can be achieved more cost-effectively. It is possible to have the status of an independent measuring laboratory confirmed by the German Accreditation Body as an accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO.

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