Our versatile machinery and experienced surveying engineers make it possible to optimaly respond to this environment. With mobile 3D coordinate measuring systems and 3D digitizers, our professional team can always meet your project requirements with the shortest possible reaction time.
The right choice of measuring device and measuring concept is crucial for the verification of your production methods. This is why we are glad to advise you during project planning, so that your measurement report withstands every test.
With a diverse customer base in areas such as automotive, aerospace, plant engineering, mold making, research & development, machine workshops and power generation, we face new challenges every day. In order to meet these requirements according to the highest quality criteria, our machinery is continually being modernized and expanded, and our employees receive regular training.
Through this commitment, 3DMT can always provide the best solution for your needs. With state-of-the-art measuring systems and well-trained employees, we are at your service as a professional and flexible partner for component measurement and quality assurance, in order to successfully complete your project to the highest of standards.