Deformation analysis

Deformation analysis and deformation monitoring are used to precisely describe deformations, i.e. geometric changes, on objects. As soon as a product is finished, various influences act on it. Gradual processes such as long-term stress, fluctuating thermal conditions or physical or chemical changes, but also sudden force effects such as explosions, implosions or collisions can result in the deformation of a product. If these are specifically analyzed and the information from the collected data is used to intervene in production methods where necessary, a change in a product due to internal and external influences can at least be slowed down or minimized. Deformation analysis, for example, is an essential component in vehicle and body construction, because improvements in the area of safety are achieved, among other things, by precisely analyzing the deformation of the resulting vehicle wreckage after crash tests. Deformation monitoring can also be used to check large engineering structures such as tunnels, bridges or dams for undesirable deformations and movements. Photometry is often used for deformation analyses of large structures.

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