When acquiring data, we rely on the latest technologies, such as Laser Trackesr with scanner (Leica Absolute Scanner) or fringe projection (Gom ATOS). Serial measurements of small components can be carried out in our company under optimal conditions on the turntable and swivel table.
This freedom in selecting measuring device as well as measuring concept enables our qualified engineers to find the optimal solution for your project. With 3DMT you have a partner at your disposal, who flexibly adapts to your projects and helps you achieve the best result possible.

Among our services are:

  • 3D surface scan with subsequent output as STL file
  • Target / actual comparisons against CAD data with any orientation and display in false colors
  • Shape and position evaluations
  • Initial sample test reports according to drawing specifications
  • Reverse engineering / reverse engineering (conversion into NURBS surfaces, parametric reconstruction in a 3D CAD system)
  • Deformation analaysis
  • Serial measurements of very small parts using turntable and swivel table
  • Creation of programs for GOM ATOS Professional