Contour measurement

Contour measurement is used to measure and record workpiece profiles. In the geometric product specifications, the contour of a product represents an elementary subarea. An exact contour shape is often decisive for the quality of components, thus an exact inspection of the outer contour is absolutely recommended in order to comply with function-critical geometries and shapes. Contour measurement involves measuring the profile of an object with high accuracy, including all contours, edge features, chamfers, distances, radii and angles. In this way, components can be checked for deviations that could possibly jeopardize optimum functionality or important product properties. Depending on the measurement task, various tactile and optical metrological methods are used, which can also be combined. For example, a tactile measurement can be carried out with a 3D coordinate measuring machine, while optical methods include the profile projector and the confocal microscope. The technologies and methods of metrology are constantly evolving, and modern devices allow measurements of the highest accuracy at the smallest as well as large measuring ranges. Thus, the contour of objects of all sizes can be measured and checked precisely and reproducibly.

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