Photogrammetry, also called image measurement, refers to a series of non-contact measurement methods in which photographs of a measurement object are used to indirectly determine its position or shape. The focus is on a three-dimensional reconstruction of the object, such as the creation of a digital model of the measured object. In 3D metrology, photogrammetric methods are a useful tool. For example, they are used to determine surface quality, to digitize objects or in reverse engineering. They offer a way to obtain 3D data from two-dimensional images. Photogrammetry is a suitable measurement method for both very small-format and extremely large-format measurement objects. With the help of close-range photogrammetry, objects ranging in size from a few centimeters to about 100 meters can be accurately recorded, while aerial photogrammetry is used, for example, in the mapping of entire continents. Photogrammetry is the most widely used digitization technique for computer games, interactive 3D applications and 3D assets for digital film sets.

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